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We crack pecans, including native pecans!

With prices ranging from $0.95 per pound to $1.45 per pound, we will crack as few or as many pecans as you have.

The cost varies based on the condition of your pecans as well as the variety. Removing any debris and curing your pecans can reduce your cost. For tips on how to prep your pecans see our Before You Come In page.

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we sell pecans

We have in-shell pecans, cracked pecans which are almost fully shelled, shelled pecans, spiced pecans, and candied pecans. 

Check out our current inventory and prices on our Shopping page.

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we buy pecans

We buy fresh, soft-shelled premium pecan varieties such as Burketts, Desirables, Pawnees, Caddis, Cheyennes, Chowtaws, Fokerts, Maramecs, Oconnees, and Tejas. Prices paid will vary according to market demand as well as our current inventory. Contact Us to find out what we're currently buying.