The Rolls Royce of Nut Extracting Machines

Pecans are sanitized before entering the Nut Buster, where they are cracked and shelled in a fraction of the time it would take to do by hand or with less advanced equipment. In fact, this Nut Meat Extractor can accommodate all sizes and varieties of nuts. 

Many manufacturers boast that their cracker will deliver you up to 40% halves. The remaining 60% will be your homework. Back home you’ll need to finish picking out the remainder of your nut meat and separating it from the shell and bitter-tasting woody material.

 95% Perfect Halves

With our machinery we’re proud to say you’ll usually go home with over 95% halves and often even more! Yes siree! It's not just a nut cracker, it's a Nut Meat Extractor!

Cracks all Sizes

Unlike other nut crackers, our equipment can handle native and smaller pecans as well as other varieties of nuts. 

Fast and sanitary

Nuts are boiled before entering the hopper, which kills any germs that may be present. Then the Nut Buster cracks and shells in one fast process!