How can i get the best results?

In order to get optimal results from the Nut Buster, please follow these steps before bringing in your pecans:

  • Allow freshly picked pecans to cure for a few weeks in a dry paper bag.
  • Avoid storing pecans in plastic.
  • Pecans may absorb the aroma of fruits and vegetables stored nearby. Store them separately from fragrant foods such as onions and garlic.
  • Separate your pecans from debris such as twigs and leaves. 
  • Rinse and dry your nuts.

Cracking vs. shelling

A shelled pecan is free from all shells and bitter-tasting woody material.

A cracked pecan is one that has been cracked but not necessarily shelled.

Our superior technology will leave you with far less pecan-cleaning homework because once your pecans have been processed at our shop they will already have most of the shells and fibrous, bitter matter removed. This is because our machines are not just crackers, they are Nut Meat Extractors and there's a U.S. patent that says so!

How many halves will i get?

While we do have consistently strong results with folks getting as much as 95% perfect halves, there are factors that may result in some pecans having a fewer perfect halves. These variables include:

  • Age of pecans
  • Variety of pecans (i.e., soft-shelled vs. native pecans)
  • How they've been stored
  • How much moisture they've retained since harvest

We do crack native pecans, so bring 'em in!